Recommendation by Merle in Mesa (for Water Damage Repair)

If somebody had an issue or even a question about damage restoration, would you recommend that they contact Ryan and Dane?

Oh, you better believe it! I got some [business] cards. I’m going to put them up on the bulletin board at the administration building here [in the retirement community]. I would recommend them for anybody.


Okay, so if you were talking to someone in Phoenix who needs water damage repairs, then you would definitely recommend calling Ryan and Dane. Now, next what I want to ask you is….

Give them my name and phone number! I’d be glad to, if they’d like to call me and ask me about them, yep!


Oh, wow! Let me start with… how you came to find Ryan and the guys. How did you come to meet them?

My state farm agent, Carrie Miller, she gave me their card. The guy that’s the head of maintenance there, he told me about these people. There’s a lot of people here at Leisure World [a retirement community in Mesa] that they already did work for.


Okay, so in addition to Carrie, your agent, you had another handful of people that had actually worked with them and had good things to say.

I talked to about 4 or 5 different people that have hired these people. They’ve had work done by these people… at one time or another, yep.

They couldn’t say anything against them… and I can’t either. It’s a good outfit as far as I’m concerned. I couldn’t say anything bad about them… that’s for darn sure!


Wow, so I get the sense that you were concerned that some companies providing water damage restoration services in Phoenix might have a bad reputation. Why is that?

As you well know, there’s so many people that are scammers out there. When you get somebody good, it’s kind of good to brag about them. I’m happier than hell to brag about somebody good…. There’s so damn many a-holes [eightballs?] out there!


[Laughing] So after you met them and saw them work, do you have any comments on what you witnessed? What did they do that was notable?

Well, everything is so efficient. The best part was they come in on Thursday morning, 11:00 o’clock, and I had water turned on at around 2 o’clock that same day.


So the leak was addressed and everything was set up so you have your water working again very quickly. Big relief there, right?

You better believe that, yep! Then, Ryan brought in some kind of thing to get the moisture up out of the concrete… and he took out all the fans and that thing today. The insurance agent was out here and visited the room….


[Note #1: this transcript has been edited down to a shortened length. Merle also detailed many of the steps performed. He covered the drying process and the removal of the drywall, baseboards, and carpet that had sustained water damage, plus replacing all of that with new materials. We also talked about the nature of the leak under the concrete foundation of his home in Mesa and how the water damage repair team of Canyon State Restoration assessed the best approach to preventing further pipe leaks and water damage.]


Out here in Leisure World, everything is concrete slab. There’s lot of people in here that have had that problem at one time or another.

Ryan told me today most of the time we have to jackhammer up the floor. They did everything where they didn’t have to cut out any concrete or any of the floor.



Thank you very much, Merle. I appreciate your time.

If you want someone to give me a call, you have my cell phone number there.

Yes, sir.


[Note #2: This water damage repair service provided to Merle in Mesa is an example of a situation in which some restoration companies may take advantage of the ignorance of the home owner (or, if inexperienced, would simply not know how to avoid a much more extensive demolition and reconstruction). I found out more of the details about Merle’s leak in the concrete slab foundation and learned how Ryan and his team were able to preserve the foundation. They inspected the rest of the plumbing that was working fine and determined that they would be able to route water from another part of the plumbing to avoid using a jackhammer. For the homeowner in Mesa, Ryan’s method avoided a HUGE inconvenience (removing a section of the concrete foundation, removing the flooring, laying new pipe, pouring new concrete, waiting for that to dry, and then building a new floor). By adding a new offshoot from the part of the plumbing that was working fine, they were able to supply water very quickly to the 2 relevant outlets (the ice maker and the faucet on the kitchen sink). Our water damage repair experts saved the home owner WEEKS of inconvenience. No wonder he gives them such a favorable recommendation!]