A refreshing contrast to the rest of the restoration industry

We expect that you will be interested to know how the history of our restoration company in Phoenix is different from other local companies in the restoration field. In fact, you might even be relieved.

Why relieved? Below are 3 examples that we have heard from our own clients about other companies that they hired prior to hiring us. Regarding the quality of service that they received from other local contractors in Phoenix, these homeowners were disappointed, frustrated, and even outraged.

Naturally, you might not know much yet about what typically motivates people to enter the restoration field. So, before we detail the history of Canyon State Restoration, let’s read a few short comments from our own clients about the motivations of other companies. (You can even hear these clients make these statements, too, because these comments were recorded for audio testimonials.)

Example #1 (from Lorena S.):

“Our hot water heater… had leaked. The first plumber… I honestly believe was trying to prey on us in a stressful situation. It was not just an extra hundred dollars that they were trying to slip in to the bill… but a lot more than that!

I really think they saw that we had a nice house and decided to try to gouge us. I was… I was disappointed.”

Example #2 (from Mike G.):

“We had an emergency with water leaking down through the ceiling from our washing machine on the second floor. We called our insurance agent, who recommended a restoration company that I soon learned was not insured or properly licensed for the work we needed. The agent had never checked on that and was just as surprised as my wife and I were!

Not only did that other Phoenix restoration company do a rushed job with fixing the leak, but they failed to remove all the moisture (although they inaccurately told us that it was totally dry, which could have led to a huge mold problem)…. Major costs from an electrical malfunction that happened weeks later… was the result of the first restoration company doing incomplete work…. To top it off, they billed for thousands of dollars of work beyond what they actually did!”

By now, you might be wondering the same thing that Mike was wondering: was that other restoration company in Phoenix “just in it for the money?”


Example #3 (from Robyn M.):

On a spring morning, she was getting ready for the day and then went to the kitchen for breakfast. That is when she noticed something very unusual:

“My kitchen was underwater…. So I called insurance and they told me that I needed to have a guy come out and see if it would even be worth the claim… because of my deductible.

So I called a company… that I just got out of the yellow pages on google. They came out… and they were here for a couple hours. When they left, they left cigarette butts all over my front yard…. They also scratched up the back of my couch (because they kept hitting it with the flooring that they were carrying out the front door).

I was not super impressed with them. They were like a bunch of college boys… (kind of on the party side!)”

She went to say that they did a “half way job” (which actually might be rather generous of her). Specifically, they did not remove all the moisture so there was a potential issue with mold and rot. Also, they miscategorized the water leak in two ways, including completely neglecting to find out if the water that leaked was just regular tap water or water that had strong industrial chemicals in it. In fact, the leaked water was contaminated with industrial chemicals, which significantly changed the nature of the water damage (and the insurance claim for the water damage repairs).

Should you be cautious about choosing a restoration company?

In that last example above, the home owner did not specifically mention the motivations of the first company she hired. However, both she and Mike did mention that the first restoration companies they hired were neglectful in some way.

So, next, let’s back up to the idea that some people are “just in it for the money.” In our field of damage restoration, it is a simple fact that there are large profits available. Also, with insurance companies paying most of the bills, it can be hard for the insurance company to know if they are being overbilled.

Further, most homeowners are not familiar with the details of how to assess the quality of the service. If important precautions are being ignored, it could be weeks or even years before issues like mold contamination will be discovered.

What is so different about Canyon State Restoration?

Imagine now that you could hire someone that got in to the restoration field because an existing restoration service simply invited them to participate as a “silent” investor (like as a favor). When Dane Chaffee was invited in to the restoration field, he was already a successful accountant (CPA), plus he had several years of experience in the construction field from his youth. Dane and his partners in the CPA firm also already owned a construction company which held a general contractors license in Arizona (CTC Contracting).

So, one of the CPA firm’s accounting clients was a restoration service. Eventually, that client invited the CPAs to “buy in.” They explored the opportunity and agreed to invest.

However, Dane recalls that “over time, as we got to see what was going on, we were increasingly uncomfortable with the practices and ethics” of their new partner (the only one with experience in the restoration field). Soon, that partner (to say it politely) “withdrew,” so Dane and the other partners were left with “only a few fans and dehumidifier.”

At that time, they did not even plan to continue operating the restoration service on their own. However, there were several people in Phoenix who called them to see if they were still available to handle emergency water leaks.

Dane recalls politely declining the first requests that were received. He was comfortable turning down the extra money that he could have earned. However, eventually he started saying “yes” to requests, providing homeowners in the Phoenix area with water removal services about once a month, (which soon became one per week).

As time went on and the phone calls from Phoenix residents requesting services grew to be more frequent, the partners at the CPA firm realized that they either needed to discontinue their involvement in the restoration field or let Dane reduce his responsibilities as a CPA to focus on the restoration company. Soon after that, the owners of Canyon State Restoration started conversations with Ryan Neville to join their team.

Ryan had been working in the restoration field for over a decade (in another part of Arizona). He was also very familiar with the fact that only a few companies in the restoration field were focused specifically on quality of service, integrity, and building a stable business slowly through word-of-mouth recommendations.

With most restoration jobs (when the building is not totally destroyed), then the first issue is carefully detecting the extent of the damage. In regard to that very important issue, Ryan was able to share his expertise with Dane and the other staff.

(For instance, in a case like a leak of sewage water, there is the common issue of moisture spreading out and causing rot, weakness, or mold. However, sewage leaks are not the same as most water leaks. A more unusual issue is that contamination can be spread through the air or even by shoes or hands. In fact, the issue of odor removal can be just as serious with sewage leaks as in the case of smoke damage.)

Next, after precisely detecting the extent of the damage, there are the issues of removing damaged materials safely and then finally rebuilding the damaged areas. Again, Ryan had extensive experience with issues like how to properly remove cabinets and drywall that have been contaminated with mold. However, when it comes to rebuilding the damaged areas, Dane’s construction experience as a general contractor was key. Plus, he already had relationships with some of the best specialty subcontractors in Phoenix (ones who he feels comfortable relying on to restore your home to it’s condition prior to the damage, like to replace flooring, renovate kitchens, or even just replace some leaky plumbing with new water lines).


In summary, Canyon State Restoration is a company built on respect and respectful relationships. We respect our relationship with our clients and also with the insurance companies paying for the repairs. To better serve our neighbors in the Phoenix area, our business grew from out of the stable foundation of the CPA firm, plus a commitment to giving homeowners everything that they are due from their insurance coverage. To that strong foundation, add over a decade of expertise in the restoration field and what you will get is compassion for the stress of your emergency, plus service that is not just excellent but is even exceptional.

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