After a leak & water damage, be careful to hire an honest restoration company

Below is a transcript of segments of an audio testimonial from a client near Phoenix who had water damage and was commenting on how much of a contrast there was between Dane (from Canyon State Restoration) and someone from a bigger company in Phoenix. First, she details her discomfort and disappointment related to the emergency plumber overbilling her.

Interviewer: “For somebody listening to this that has never had to call their home insurance company and deal with the warranty and everything, you said … you weren’t pleased with the plumber that they sent out. Would you say more about what specifically didn’t work for you?

This client east of Phoenix gave our water damage repair company another 5-star review, especially because of our honesty.

Water damage client: “Yeah, the plumber actually submitted to our warranty company uncovered services that were on top of what they would normally charge. It was a large amount- probably more than a water heater costs- is what their above charges were.

So, we asked them to detail them out and it was really minimal things. So we felt like they were really gouging us and they weren’t being honest.

I just had hand surgery and it was a big mess… and I have 4 kids. You don’t want someone in your house who isn’t honest and truthful and doesn’t have your best interests in mind (and that is how we felt about that plumber).

They want to do anything to earn a little bit of extra money. What my husband and I had said is… if it was a hundred over or under- if it was around there- we would have taken it, but it was a large amount- four times that… what we thought was appropriate. So, they lost our business. I told my husband it’s ridiculous.

The plumber did call me one time. I said hey we had another restoration company come out. He gave me the third degree: “we are the best… you’re using a small mom and pop type business.” And I said, “I don’t even know you. I’ve known you two days and you’re already berating me!”


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Interviewer: “So if somebody had just found a leak or there’s smoke damage or whatever it may be- and they know they need a damage restoration service and they’ve never dealt with these issues before (the insurance, the warranty, all of it), why would you recommend they contact Dane?”


Water damage client: “He’s just someone who is just honest- who’s not going to prey on you or GAUGE you- just someone you can trust.”


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This article is part of a series on why it is essential to choose the right restoration company. The other articles in the series focus on the importance of how well a restoration provider knows the proper precautions and legal requirements when providing damage assessments and repairs or restoration and, also, how important it is to use a restoration company that will be an informed, committed ally when it comes to dealing with coverage from insurance (as well as warranties).