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Why choosing the right restoration company is so important:


Before we present you with page after page of 5-star reviews of our restoration company in Phoenix, we will briefly present you with what we consider the most important details of that whole set of reviews. Quality work on dozens of simple, typical cases are not what makes our restoration company really stand out from all the others in Arizona. What about the unusual and complicated cases (when something went seriously wrong with the insurance company or with another restoration company in Arizona)? Those are the ones that really contrast the quality of our restoration company with companies that are merely “above average.”

First, most people that we meet in Arizona have no idea how important it can be to choose a high-quality restoration company. Dozens of our past clients across Phoenix have expressed how surprised they were in regard to the following three issues. (In the articles that follow, you can even find links to audio recordings of them detailing exactly what happened in each case.)

1. Dealing with insurance and claims can be confusing & stressful.

2. Many companies that offer restoration in Phoenix lack training.

3. Some restoration services are less honest than you’d hope.


Our restoration company in Arizona will be your ally in filing your insurance claim.

Let’s quickly address these issues one by one. We’ll start with what our restoration clients in Phoenix said about how grateful they are for our assistance with challenging insurance claims. Click the image on the left to proceed.


Wait, why are the pros at CANYON STATE RESTORATION so unique among water damage & restoration companies in Arizona?

Through the link below, you can skip ahead to the unique history of how our restoration company in Arizona formed. From what we understand, most companies that offer water damage and restoration services in Phoenix began as professionals in related fields (like as plumbers, carpet cleaners, or remodelers). They recognized that they could profit from expanding their services, sometimes even without acquiring any additional training or expertise. CANYON STATE RESTORATION got in to this business through a very different sequence. To learn more, click here: a refreshing contrast to other restoration companies in Arizona