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About our water damage company in Phoenix- CREDENTIALS: our license with the Arizona ROC, our IICRC certifications as water damage inspection and repair specialists, and our A+ rating with the BBB for central Arizona

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Click here to hear the emotional stories of past clients of our water damage restoration company in Phoenix AZ. They have learned the difference between typical water damage companies and our company. You can learn from them!

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water leaks and burst pipes can lead to water damage




For storm damage, including damage to your roof from hail and strong winds, we will inspect and restore both the exterior of your home as well as any damage to the interior (including from water leaks or flooding from a storm). Click here to learn specifically about how we detect and address water damage related to storms.

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Why Phoenix residents should store our number in your phone:

Are you in the Phoenix area and wondering what you would do if you had a restoration emergency? If you have an emergency now, call us immediately. Otherwise, read below about why you will want to already have selected an expert you can trust (prior to an actual emergency developing).

Emergencies can be a very stressful time, right? You want a competent expert who is available 24/7 to calmly and rapidly assist you in getting your situation stable and clear.

It’s best to choose a company that will help restore your home or business before the emergency hits (and before emotions are intense). You can click our testimonials link above to hear and read about cases when a stressed homeowner did exactly what they were told by their insurance agent, but things did not go well. When stress it high, it is also easy for miscommunication to lead to confusion and frustration.

Over and over again, we have clients in Phoenix who hired some other restoration company prior to ours and were very disappointed, then asked around and looked harder for a restoration company in Phoenix who was truly worthy of their trust. Please take the time now to learn more about us and hear our reviews from homeowners who were so relieved to get our services after regretting some other choice. Then, make sure that you program our phone number in to your contacts in case you ever have an urgent need for our emergency restoration services in Phoenix.

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Did You Know?

Canyon State Restoration has 50 years of experience in the water damage restoration industry!!? That’s a lot of experience and time to master our skills, and it’s also why residents of Phoenix have chosen us over and over again!! We are the most trusted water damage restoration company in all of Phoenix and the surrounding areas!

Certified by the IICRC

Canyon State Restoration is also certified through IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). The IICRC sets the international standards when it comes to property restoration and repair. We consider it an honor to have all our technicians be IICRC certified- and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Having the certification from IICRC means we meet ethical and professional standards that are high and that ensure the best care of your home or business.

Water Damage Restoration

Whether it is from weather, pipes that leak, leaking appliances, flooding, or simply a bath that overflowed- Canyon State Restoration is the top water restoration company in Phoenix. If you need immediate help for a water emergency or simply need free advice for something that isn’t time sensitive- we are the company for you! Canyon State Restoration has been serving Phoenix, and the surrounding areas, with water damage restoration service for 50 years. We use the best technology and industrial equipment to get the water removed as quickly and effectively as possible! Services we provide are:

  • Water Removal/Extraction
  • Removal of damaged materials- carpet, dry wall, tile, framing etc.
  • Cleaning and drying of all affected areas
  • Hydrometer use to spot excess moisture hiding in wood cabinets or behind walls
  • Contracting and Reconstructing of all the damaged areas

24/7 Support – CALL NOW: 480-734-5874

24 hour Water Damage Emergency Care

Water can leak into the home and cause damage, and fast. Many homeowners make the mistake in thinking that mold or water damage won’t happen because the weather dries things on the surface pretty fast- this couldn’t be further from the truth! When it comes to water damage, moisture can stay in certain materials like wood and dry walls for a long time- which can then cause mold invasion. This is why we have the technology we do- to see water that the naked eye cannot see. Canyon State Restoration will make sure not one ounce of excess moisture is left- and we will use all our high tech equipment to do that. Call now if you suspect there may be water or excess moisture!

Mold Damage Restoration

When it comes to mold damage, the usual cause is excess moisture that was not 100 percent removed. Though mold doesn’t seem to be an immediate threat to your home, it can be to your health! That’s why we are available 24/7 for any mold concerns you have, even if you simply suspect there might be mold- it’s best to get to it before it’s grown to a place that is visible! We will come assess your home or business for free- and advise you on what we think needs to be done.

One thing we do always advise our customers – is to never try and remediate the mold on your own! Mold can come in many forms and require many different treatments depending on the surface it’s on. Some molds have roots like trees, and some need much more careful removal to avoid contaminating the rest of your property. Our Mold Damage Services are:

  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Inspection and Testing
  • Finding the source of the mold, and fixing of that problem
  • Careful mold removal and restoration work to ensure that particles of mold are not spread to other areas of the home.

Fire Damage Restoration

Canyon State Restoration is experienced, attentive, skilled, and professional when it comes to restoring your home or business after a fire. We know it’s heartbreaking and stressful to have to restore your property, and at times life, after a fire has caused damage- that’s why we are here for you. We will always be there for all your questions, and of course to walk through the process with you so you know what to expect. Fire damage restoration is a very delicate process- one you can trust Canyon State Restoration to handle with the utmost of care, professionalism, and experience.

Our fire damage restoration services include:

  • Structural repair and restoration
  • Smoke Damage Restoration and Clean Up
  • Odor removal and clean up
  • Inventory organizing
  • Packing of all items and removing them to storage for proper restoration
  • Cleaning and deodorizing the source of the fire, the home, and the belongings
  • Electronic cleaning
  • And so much more!

24/7 Service across the entire Phoenix area

Safety 101 When There’s Been A Fire:

Safety 101 when there’s been a fire:

Please remember these safety tips if your home or business has experienced a fire!

  • Do not come into the property until we’ve secured it and declared it safe
  • Also, listen to the fire department before going through items and belongings.
  • Limit your exposure to the property. If you do have to be in the home or business, wear a mask and protective gloves and old clothes.
  • Never run your HVAC system until the restoration process is complete.
  • Gather all important or valuable items- looters do try to steal from homes that have been in a fire.
  • Photograph damaged property- and properly document it all.

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

  • Keep records of gas mileage, etc – often times your insurance will cover all of that!
  • Keep children away from the property- the chemicals and smoke in the air can be bad for adults, but especially harmful to children!

Fast 24-hour Emergency Response

Fast 24-hour Emergency Response

Canyon State Restoration is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week all year- to include all major and minor Holidays. Whether it’s fire damage, water damage, mold damage, or asbestos we are available at any time for you-and will respond within an hour of your call! It’s the Canyon State Restoration promise! We understand that when it comes to damage to your home-time can either work for you or against you! That’s why we our skilled and experienced technicians are always on call! We will come and fully prepared for anything that you might need- no matter the time of day and fast!!! We will have a team of people working diligently and fast to keep your home or business from experiencing more damage- that’s why it’s imperative you call as soon as you see the need!!!

Please remember that you want time to be on your side- so it’s important to act fast and call us as soon as you see or suspect water damage. If you wait too long it could mean permanent costly damage verses minor damage we could repair on the spot!

Always a Free Estimate!

Canyon State Restoration knows that restoration can be an easy, inexpensive project- or a massive expensive one. That’s why we always offer a free estimate when we come and assess the damage. When you call us for water damage, fire damage, or asbestos we will come and advise you on your best options and how to proceed. While you are gathering quotes- remember that when it comes to damage to the home- all quotes are an estimate. Our job is to completely remove all damage- a lot of times we find more mold, or more water damage as we begin restoration and that can often take more time and resources- while we do our best to give you a wide range of cost- a lot of companies will be a bit too confident and quote low to get the job, so always be weary of that! There’s never any way to know the exact amount in the restoration industry- often times it can even be lower- so you want a company that will give you an estimate, and a broad one!


Call & Request A Free Quote Now – 480-734-5874

Full Service Restoration

Canyon State Restoration comes to you within an hour of the emergency and will not stop working until you’re moved back in, and happy! We do everything from the first free estimate to the last paint stroke on the wall. We’ll help you with insurance claims and advise you on steps to take, we will test the air quality to make sure everything is safe, and we will work until you’re home and back to your normal routine!

  • Free Estimate
  • Free Assessment of Damage
  • Walk through and documentation of all damaged and undamaged items
  • Removal of damaged items to our facility for storing
  • Moving out of all furniture and home belongings if needed- and moved into a storage unit
  • Constant work alongside the insurance team to make sure things are being covered and paid for
  • Hiring out third party help when needed and making sure that work gets covered by insurance when applicable
  • Constant communication with you, the property owner
  • Testing to make sure all chemicals, molds, or moisture has been taken care of
  • Clean up to prepare the home or business for moving back in
  • Moving everything back in for you

Prevent your Property From Receiving More Damage, Call Now !

Whether it’s leaking pipes, water from rain, fire, mold, or asbestos- Canyon State Restoration can be trusted to get your home or business back to normal, and sometimes better!! Don’t forget to store our number in your phone!!

Canyon State Restoration will provide you:

  • Water Damage Repair
  • Mold Damage Repair
  • Fire Damage Repair
  • Odor Removal from Fire
  • Restoring of all items from water, fire, or mold damage
  • 24-Hour service
  • Free Estimate
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Storing of personal home or business items during restoration project
  • 1 hour Response Time

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