Yes- all our employees are IICRC Certified.

All jobs are customized and the cost depends on what’s needed. For a free estimate and quote call our number today!

Your property should have been thoroughly inspected for asbestos before you purchased it. However, there are places it can be missed. A lot of older homes have tile flooring that contain asbestos, and that flooring is covered up by carpet, hardwood, or even more tile. If you’re renovating your property and find older tile or vinyl floors- it’s good to have that tested.

Yes we do. This testing will normally take two to three business days. If the results come back positive, we will begin the removal process immediately.

Unfortunately, yes it is. When your home has experienced a fire that makes access to the home and it’s belongings easy- criminals will try to steal whatever they can. A good restoration company will ALWAYS advise you either remove all valuables, or have the restoration company remove them for you. Remember- do not go into the property until it’s been declared safe for reentry!

Probably not- it might be good to invest in a new toaster however. ;o) If you’re ever unsure and worried, our assessments are always free- so give us a call!

Yes you do. Our assessment is free and what we can do is use our high tech imagining equipment to look for any excess moisture that might be hiding where we can’t see. This will let you know if there’s more work to be done, or if you are good to go! Remember, any moisture that isn’t removed can cause a lot of mold damage- so you want to be very sure it’s all been dried up!

Yes! While a lot of the mold we see can be wiped clean- that does not take care of the source of the mold (what caused it) nor does it actually get the roots of the mold removed. This means the mold will keep coming back and causing problems. We also highly recommend getting the mold tested to ensure the air in your home or business is safe.

This all depends on how extensive the damage is. Some projects take just a day, and some can take months. The best thing is for you to call Canyon State Restoration for your free assessment and quote.

Make sure they are properly licensed and insured with the ROC. All of our technicians are IICRC certified. We would be happy to provide you with documentation of all our qualifications and certifications.