Why should you get a roof inspection in Phoenix BEFORE the next storm hits?

A gorgeous dust storm and low level clouds roll into downtown Phoenix on July 3rd, 2014. Always amazing to see a scene like this, but toss in a little sunset color and it blew my mind.
Live in greater Phoenix? Did you know that more storms are forecast for next weekend (as well as overnight on Monday the 30th)? Now is the time to request a free roof inspection (so that you can minimize or prevent any problems from the next wave of storms)!

Below, I will briefly emphasize how much value you can get from regular roof inspections. First, to request a FREE roof inspection today, click this link now:
Request a roof inspection in or near Phoenix AZ.

(Though this article is from July 22, 2018, the information here is relevant all the time / all year round- although especially relevant before and during storm season.)


Are all roof inspectors in Phoenix equally competent (and equally motivated)?

No, of course not! Obviously, some Phoenix roof inspectors are more competent and thorough than others. To emphasize why the specialists at Canyon State Restoration can offer you advantages over other roof inspectors, next is a brief story.

water damage from roof leak - water stains to ceiling - Rachel J in Mesa AZ - smaller
Yesterday, I interviewed a past client that used our Phoenix restoration company last summer (2017). Her home in Mesa previously developed water stains in the ceiling in 2014. At that time, she relied on her insurance company to thoroughly inspect for potential sources of the water leak (including in the roof).

Obviously, the water damage had to come from somewhere, right? However, her report was that the adjuster of the insurance company told her “there was nothing wrong with the roof.”

(Before I comment on the interests and training of insurance adjusters, you can hear her tell the story in the links below. Note that the volume is pretty low on these audios, so be prepared to turn the volume way up to hear her.)


One homeowner near Phoenix tells about the two instances of water damage (in 2014 and 2017) from the same leaks in her roof.

The background story is 1.5 minutes. The key details last 47 seconds (and that content is transcribed below).

Part 1 (background):

Part 2:

// start of transcript

I had all the damage in the same spots again. I… had to talk to the insurance company about it. They said “it’s very similar to the report you gave in 2014.”

I said, “that’s because it’s the same spot… cause your adjuster told me there was nothing wrong with the roof!”

So I didn’t fix the roof and, next thing you know, we get a couple of big monsoons then [in 2017] and… the ceiling in the kitchen was starting to crack and bubble because there was so much water coming in. It was ridiculous!

and… in 2017 when everything got approved for… repairing the roof….

No, they never approved that! I had to pay for that out-of-pocket.

Oh my gosh!

The only thing the insurance company approved was doing the drywall on the inside.

Oh, wow… Yikes!

// end of transcript


Are insurance adjusters “on your side” (or are they “on the opposing side”)?

So, the next thing that you will value recognizing relates to the interests and training of insurance adjusters. Some of them are trained better than other (of course). The best ones certainly know how to identify issues that would be hidden to an inexperienced person. But knowing how to do something well is different from actually doing it well all the time, right?

The realities of how big storms create sudden increases in workload

After a big storm, insurance adjusters suddenly get assigned a big stack of cases, right? Even if they sincerely wanted to be as thorough as they were competent to be, how realistic is it to expect that after a big storm?

(In fact, that could be another reason to get a roof inspection in Phoenix PRIOR to a big storm… because not only can issues be detected and repaired when they are still minor- as in very inexpensive – but another factor is the current workload of the roof inspector that you hire. If a roof inspector is only scheduled for a few inspections per week, then they are more able to be thorough relative to right after a big storm when they may regularly have more than ten new requests for urgent roof inspections day after day after day, right?)

The realities of the basic financial interests of insurance companies

Further, back to the practices of many insurance companies, several lawsuits over the years have been lost by insurance companies for tactics like systematically rewarding adjusters for delaying or denying a high percentage of claims. Especially after a series of severe storms, their monthly pay-outs can soar far above their typical monthly revenues, right? So, some of them literally train their adjusters to delay or even deny claims even when they KNOW the claims are valid.

Why? How can that benefit them financially?

Because in most cases, property owners won’t press the issue. How many of your neighbors across Phoenix are aware of any lawyers or other industry specialists (like Dane at Canyon State) who regularly get insurance companies to stop ignoring what they promise to do in their policies? If you have never read a single property insurance policy, then you could not be expected to hold your insurance company accountable, right?

For more info on the ethics records of insurance companies, use these two links:
1) “How Insurance Companies Deny, Delay, Confuse and Refuse”

2) “Property insurers systematically deny and reduce their policyholders’ claims” (from the FBIC ranking of the worst insurance companies in the US)


So, if your insurance company is not actually your ally, then who is your ally?

What could be better than having an experienced ally who wants your insurance company to pay you absolutely everything they owe you? The licensed contractors at Canyon State Restoration want to make it easy for you to afford to hire them across Phoenix (for roof repairs, roof replacement, or restoration of water damage to the interior of your home). They have a financial interest in “being on your side” (and being an effective advocate for your interests).

In another recent interview, a homeowner NW of Phoenix told me about how his insurance company was disappointingly slow even to send an adjuster to assess the claim at all.

In his own words:

He continues: “Dane was talking to the insurance adjuster- it was a battle. Dane, he did a really good job. I can only say that I have spoken highly of Dane to other people!”

(To learn more about his story, including how Dane helped him get his insurance company to pay for all-new roofing for his entire home, click here: Another 5-star review of our storm damage repair company in Phoenix.)


When insurance companies encourage you to hire a specific company, why would they do that?

Before we conclude, let’s come back briefly to the case of Rachel (who had the same water damage to her ceiling in 2014 as well as 2017 – which is when the photo below was taken). When it came to making her insurance claim for roof repairs, after the insurance company had delayed her claim for several months, she then relied on the advice of the contractor that her insurance company recommended.

However, consider that when insurance companies endorse a specific contractor, then perhaps they are doing so because that is their preference. If their experience is that a specific contractor in Phoenix can be trusted by the insurance company to serve THEIR interests (over the interests of the homeowner), then maybe that is how they select those companies to recommend. Would they really recommend a company that they know will consistently serve the interests of you (the property owner) over their own interests?

What Dane of Canyon State said about the merits of Rachel’s insurance claim:

While I did not specifically ask Dane for a comment on her case, I did mention it to him yesterday (7-21-18). In an email reply, he wrote me this: “we would have got that entire thing covered by insurance.”


What other past clients of Canyon State Restoration said about Dane’s help with their insurance claims:

Across several years, I have interviewed several of Canyon State Restoration’s past clients across central Arizona. They have graciously provided emotionally-charged testimonials about their frustration with their insurance companies and the approvals that Dane obtained for them. In case after case, they retold the details of how Dane avoided or ended the delay tactics of the insurance companies and sped up full approvals on their property damage claims.

Wouldn’t you want that for yourself? Wouldn’t your neighbors appreciate you sharing what you have learned here about Canyon State Restoration? Instead of only imagining what they might say to thank you, below is a link to read (and hear) more of those audio testimonials: what our past clients across Phoenix say.

As a final brief note, the case featured at the top of that article includes audio in which that homeowner details how Dane got her insurance company to raise their approved repairs from about $10,000 to about $80,000. So, instead of just having a few sections of carpet and drywall replaced, she got a brand new carpet, a modernized “dream kitchen,” and MUCH more.

To check the current 10-day weather forecast in Phoenix click here:
This link shows upcoming storms in Phoenix for next weekend (as of 7-22-2018).


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