Why you need an expert ally when making a property insurance claim in Phoenix

First, I have some very good news for Phoenix homeowners… and some news that is not so good as well. The bad news is that you need an expert ally in case you ever have a property insurance claim (and below are some details of why). Fortunately, the really great news is that you already know some experts that will be your ally: Arizona’s Restoration Leader, CANYON STATE RESTORATION.

So, there are two basic ideas here. One issue is educating you on how badly major insurance companies typically treat property owners during a property insurance claim. The other issue is distinguishing our Phoenix water damage specialists as unusually effective in assisting homeowners to quickly get approved for everything that their insurance company owes them. Let’s see how fast we can do both!

Would insurance companies ever try to systematically cheat their customers?

Until recent years, I had no idea of how badly property owners are intentionally treated by major insurance companies. Fortunately for me, I did not learn about these issues from a bad first-hand experience on my own property insurance claim.

So how did I learn? Year after year, I have interviewed the past clients of CANYON STATE RESTORATION about their experiences (from recognizing that there was water damage, to filing a property insurance claim, to hiring a restoration company in Phoenix, and on from there). In fact, below are a few short audio recording from 4 clients here in greater Phoenix that experienced water damage, then problems with their property insurance claims, then huge relief and gratitude because of the assistance that Dane provided.

What are other rapid ways for you to learn about the reality of insurance company tactics? Below are some brief but startling quotes from independent experts in the field, such as a prestigious law school professor and an attorney who specializes in successfully suing insurance companies. Further, you can even find links to specific court documents on two cases in which insurance companies were fined $1 million in punitive damages (beyond what they owed on the property damage itself) plus another case in which the insurance company was fined $2.5 million in punitive damages plus $925,000 for the emotional distress they caused to the homeowner.

What have our Phoenix water damage clients said about their insurance companies?

#1) Robyn M. (east of Phoenix)

Robyn: “The thing that I have learned from this… (if anyone else was in this situation), is do not go through it alone. DO NOT TRY TO BATTLE INSURANCE ALONE. Unless you know the insurance business in and out, you will lose yourself tens of thousands of dollars….”

Interviewer: “That ís startling!”

Robyn: “So, don’t try to do it by yourself! That’s my bottom line advice to anyone who has a flood or fire or any other kind of issue.”

Here is a longer audio recording in which she gives more details of what happened to her and how Dane was able to get her insurance to approve over $50,000 of additional coverage over their initial approval offer: http://canyonstaterestorationaz.com/testimonial/

#2) Mike G. (Gilbert AZ)

Mike had several troubling experiences with his insurance company after a washing machine in his 2nd-story leaked and caused a series of problems, including an electrical malfunction in his garage door opener. For one thing, the insurance company initially refused to cover a significant part of the damage to his property. Dane was able to get that approved quickly. Here is a brief comment from Mike:

Mike: I called Canyon State and said “hey, I need you guys to kinda come up with something professional on paper saying that this is a direct result of the flood… because they [the people of his insurance company] don’t want to pay for my thousand-dollar garage [door]!” And they did.

The entire 36 minute-long recommendation is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpJH0qn6vK4.

#3) Rachel J. (Mesa AZ)

water damage from roof leak - water stains to ceiling - Rachel J in Mesa AZ - our water damage restoration company will help you with your property insurance claim

(To hear the audio of her story, turn the volume way up and press the play button below. To hear even more of Rachel’s story, click the photo of the water stains in her ceiling.)

Rachel: The insurance “adjuster told me there was nothing wrong with the roof! So I didn’t fix the roof and, next thing you know, we get a couple of big monsoons then and… the ceiling in the kitchen was starting to crack and bubble because there was so much water coming in. It was ridiculous!” 

#4) Joedy P. (Northwest of Phoenix)

Joedy: “That was a very turbulent experience… because of my insurance company.”

Joedy continues: “Dane was talking to the insurance adjuster- it was a battle. Dane, he did a really good job. I can only say that I have spoken highly of Dane to other people….”

To hear some other highlights of Joedy’s testimonial, click here now.


What do industry experts say about how insurance companies cheat property owners?

Jay Feinman is a law professor who writes about problems with insurance companies delaying and denying valid property insurance claims.

Pictured here is Professor Jay Feinman, of Rutgers University School of Law. Below is a quote from one of his 7 books.

“Denial of VALID claims [is] commonplace and [is] DESIRED by insurers (rather than infrequent).”

Source: https://www.propertycasualty360.com/2010/04/30/delay-deny-defend/

Was it always like that? Apparently not.

In the early 1990s, big insurance companies including (Allstate and State Farm) hired a consulting firm named McKinsey & Company. The goal was to find ways to increase the overall profits of the insurance companies. That is exactly what happened.

Berardinelli_David, lawyer that is an expert on property insurance claims

An attorney that specializes in suing insurance companies also wrote a book about those new tactics. According to David Berardinelli, here is what happened in the mid-1990s:

“It’s more than just a change in one company. The basic concept, is that [the insurance company] gives customers a choice: accept a settlement now for a fraction of the true cost of damage, or expect to spend several years in grueling litigation. McKinsey predicted that NINETY PERCENT of claimants would be forced to capitulate because they’d need the money in a prompt settlement.”

Source: https://www.jasonharrislaw.com/allstate-mckinsey-slides-profits-use-law-offices-jason-harris-2016/

Court cases in which insurance companies were given large fines for “deliberate, malicious conduct”

In one rather famous case, a jury rewarded a homeowner one million dollars in punitive damages (in addition to the costs of the property damage). One Supreme Court judge concluded that the acts of the insurance company were “malicious” and “reprehensible.” Why?

The insurer denied Whiten’s 1994 property insurance claim “after a fire burned their house down. They originally alleged arson, which was proved/admitted to be completely FALSE and lacking ANY evidence. They then entered protracted litigation (over 2 years) over the issue to force Whiten to make an unfair settlement for less than she was entitled to. Conduct was planned and DELIBERATE.”

A more recent case in 2015 went to the supreme court of another state (not Arizona). This was the case that resulted in punitive damages of $2.5 million plus another $925,000 for emotional distress. The lawsuit was once again about a property insurance claim.

Source: https://law.justia.com/cases/kentucky/supreme-court/2017/2015-sc-000107-dg.html

So what water damage company in Phoenix can you trust to assist you in getting your property insurance claim fully approved fast?

To keep this brief, we won’t detail the horror stories that have people told us about other companies that provide water damage repairs in Phoenix. (If you are interested, ask us!) Let’s just jump to a few final quick comments from our past clients about why they recommend us.

Listen to this first one to the end. (It is short.) The pause toward the end is when she starts crying (and laughing). You will want to hear this.

This client east of Phoenix gave our restoration company another 5-star review, especially because of our help with her property insurance claim.
Interviewer: “So you were dealing with the insurance company to file a claim for the water damage repairs. What was it that Dane did that helped you with them?”

Lorena: “I told him that I was having some frustrations with insurance and he asked me if he could call my adjuster. So, I gave my adjuster’s information to Dane and I did not have to worry about a thing after that. I cannot even tell you how awesome that was because… sorry I’m gonna cry. I love Dane!”

(To hear more of Lorena’s audio, click here: http://canyonstaterestorationaz.com/water-damage-know-value-expert-ally-help-insurance-claims/ )

This Phoenix water damage client had a horrible time with an insurance adjuster which we helped her resolve. She gave our restoration company another 5-star review.

“If you weren’t here… you know, I can’t believe what would have happened. They were trying to screw me! I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you….”

– Brenda

Interviewer: “When somebody knows that they need help…. but they don’t know which companies are good and which ones are brand new and which ones have a bad reputation, you can actually speak…”
This client east of Phoenix gave our restoration company another 5-star review for help after a property insurance claim.
Merle: “Give them my name and phone number. I’d be glad to help out if they’d like to call me and ask me about them!”

Interviewer: If somebody did say that they had even a question about damage restoration, would you recommend that they contact Ryan and Dane?

Merle: “Oh, you better believe it! I’ve got some [business] cards I’m going to put on the bulletin board… It’s a good outfit as far as … far as I’m concerned!

“As you well know, there’s so many people that are scammers out there…. When you get somebody good, it’s kind of good to brag about them!”

The full 13-minute interview with Merle is here.