Our certifications, license, and A+ BBB rating

When hiring a restoration company, most people will agree on a few essential qualifications: a company should be properly licensed and bonded, certified as restoration experts, and have a good rating with the BBB.

First, we are properly licensed by the Arizona ROC

There are many different kinds of licensed contractors. You probably know that a “general contractor” is the broadest of all the licenses. That is the kind of license we have.

So, we are not just skilled in plumbing or flooring or roofing. Everything that we do for you is covered under our license as a general contractor and is insured by our bond.

To confirm that we work under a KB-2 license for general contractors and to verify the insurance bond that protects our clients like you, click here: licensed and bonded. (Note also that Canyon State Restoration is the restoration division of our parent firm, CTC Contracting.)

Second, we are certified experts in damage restoration.

Of course, just having a license as a general contractor does not prove that a company is skilled in restoration services. So, do you know how easy it is to verify that our company has been trained and certified as experts in the restoration industry? It’s simple. To verify our listing, you can click the image below and then select “United States,” and then on the next page type in the zip code 85205:

Last, we have earned an A+ rating from the local Arizona BBB.

Click the image below to see our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau of Central Arizona (Greater Phoenix):

So, that covers the essentials. Of course, there could be a few other local restoration companies that also have all of the above qualifications. However, Canyon State Restoration still stands out from them all.

Next, to learn why so many people in Phoenix so strongly recommend our company over all of the competition, click the image below to hear (and read) their testimonials: