Phoenix AZ storm damage repairs & insurance claim assistance

A gorgeous dust storm and low level clouds roll into downtown Phoenix on July 3rd, 2014. Always amazing to see a scene like this, but toss in a little sunset color and it blew my mind.Phoenix residents, the big monsoon clouds are on their way! Do you know a reliable, honest company to call for roof inspections, storm damage repairs, and assistance with insurance claims? (If not, then for instructions on how to add Canyon State Restoration in to your phone’s contact list, click here: 480-734-5874.)

Today, I spoke with a homeowner in greater Phoenix who explained in detail why he recommends Dane and the rest of the team (including Ryan, Ron, and all the roofers). His story  features several complications with his insurance company. (I have heard about several cases of insurance companies “ripping off” homeowners, although this was one of the worst I have heard.)

“That was a very turbulent experience… because of my insurance company.”

The testimonial interview totaled more than half an hour in length, detailing a remarkable list of challenges that Dane helped resolve. Overall, the homeowner repeatedly emphasized that “Dane was such a rockstar” in speeding up the approval of the full amount of the claim (plus the distribution of funds). Several more audio segments are below.

“Dane’s a rockstar – a great guy. I have told him! He’s just a really good guy! I’m trying to give him business!” 

roof close-up

As background, he contacted us late on a Friday last July about several sections of his 2nd-story roof where the tiles had just been ripped off by high winds (one section is shown on the right). Knowing that more storms were forecast for the rest of the weekend and following week, he was quite anxious to get some tarps over the many gaps in his roof. However, his insurance company’s response was not reassuring to him (and, by the way, the homeowner does name that company in the recording).

Fortunately, our emergency roofers were able to rapidly create a temporary seal the next morning. On the other hand, the insurance company was disappointingly slow to send an adjuster to assess the claim.

In his own words:

He continues: “Dane was talking to the insurance adjuster- it was a battle. Dane, he did a really good job. I can only say that I have spoken highly of Dane to other people….”

Even when his insurance company eventually did approve the first two payments for emergency repairs to his roof, they were trying to violate the terms of their policy by using a cheaper shortcut (by re-using outdated roofing materials). So, after Dane had made several phone calls to that insurance company, it was still nearly THREE months before the final check was *approved* (for the full amount owed).

full roof

Did it all go smoothly from there? No, it did not!

Remember my reference above to “distribution of funds?” The insurance *approved* the distribution of funds in just under 3 months, but… then they made the check out wrong (and were not helpful about fixing the issue).

So, after another series of phone calls from Dane, a proper check was finally mailed to the homeowner. That check was important because it covered the cost of the materials so that new roofing could finally be purchased to then be installed. Again, this homeowner had only tarp covering the gaps in his roof for all of August and September and beyond.

Again, in his own words:

Soon after that final check arrived, the roofers went back out again to the home (northwest of Phoenix in Peoria) and began to remove the old tile roofing. Before long, they began installing the new roofing.

From there, everything went smoothly. The replacement roof was quickly completed as of November (he said “right before Thanksgiving”).

The homeowner had a lot of very colorful things to say about Dane, such as calling him a “bulldog” (when it came to pressuring the insurance company to operate honorably, ethically, and according to their own policy). By the way, to read or even hear more emotionally-charged testimonials from other past clients, click here.

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That way, your local friends can be aware not only of some of the challenging issues that homeowners sometimes have when making a property insurance claim, but of who to call for competent assistance. In fact, Phoenix homeowners can even request a free roof inspection as a precaution (and that way any minor repairs needed can be finished BEFORE the first heavy storm arrives).