Phoenix residents, double the value of your home insurance (at no cost to you)!

If you could instantly double the value of your home insurance coverage (with no change to your monthly premiums), wouldn’t you? Last week, I interviewed another home owner in greater Phoenix that recommends Dane at CANYON STATE RESTORATION because of his effectiveness at rapidly increasing the amount her insurance company approved on her claim for water damage. You can hear her own words about it below.

huge increases in insurance coverage for water damage in Phoenix

Briefly, the initial offer from her insurance company was to pay just under $15,000. Dane was able to quickly raise that amount to about $33,000.

Further, the water damage repairs are not complete yet, but for when the repairs are being done, there is already more good news. Since Fiona and her large family will not be able to use their home as usual at that time, Dane has already guided her on how to get reimbursed for thousands of dollars of expenses for restaurants and hotel costs.

This is not an isolated case (and you can hear audio testimonials from several other Phoenix water damage clients that prove it).

insurance claim for water damage

First, over time, I’ve talked to several homeowners across Phoenix that Dane has been able to help greatly increase the amount of money they got on their property insurance claim. For instance, to hear Robyn talk about Dane getting her insurance company to offer an extra $57,000 in covered expenses, click here.

As background, if you do not know that major insurance companies changed their practices in recent decades, the following article may be somewhat disturbing. To review 2 recent supreme court cases and see other documentation establishing that they intentionally delay and deny claims that they know are valid, plus systematically offer homeowners much less than what they know they owe you, click this article:

Why you need an expert ally when making a home insurance claim in Phoenix

Or, if you’d like to hear a few more audio testimonials next from past clients of CANYON STATE RESTORATION who had water damage in Phoenix, Mike and Lorena’s stories of increased approvals are here. Brenda’s story of another greatly increased approval is here.

While all of those above were water damage repairs in Phoenix, this final one (before we get to Fiona’s story) was not. It was in greater Phoenix, but it involves storm damage to a roof during monsoon storms. (Fortunately, there was no water damage to the interior of the home in that case.)

So, at first, Jody’s home insurance company only approved emergency roof repairs, but Dane eventually got him a totally new roof for no additional cost to Jody. To listen to Jody tell his story, click here.

Fiona’s story: how she realized the huge financial benefits of an expert ally that will get the home insurance company to pay all that they owe.

“Insurance is a business… and they’ll offer you a minimal amount. They’re going to try to get away with the minimum (because they’re a business)!

We originally started with the insurance company offering us close to fifteen thousand. I was a little bit frustrated (because they were offering to replace the carpet upstairs, but they wanted to stop the new carpet at the bottom of the stairs).

I had higher hopes. That thing about the carpet was the real tickling point.

I was frustrated. I really need to have new carpet down here!

So, I had a friend who said that Dane was able to help them get more of the upgrades that she was hoping to. He has an understanding of how to work with insurance companies.

More than double the amount was what Dane was able to get me to fix my house. It was right up close to 33,000. He knows what actually does need to be replaced… and makes sure that you’re not short-changed!”

An outline of the longer history of Fiona’s water damage experiences

(At a later time, we can edit Fiona’s audio to present the whole story in actual chronological sequence. Here is the summary version:)

Fiona had a prior case of water damage (and believes her home insurance company should have paid for more repairs than they did). Years later, her friend in greater Phoenix had water damage (early 2018) and Dane got them an increased approval. Fiona was at her friend’s house and especially liked the new flooring that Dane put in at her friend’s home.

Then, in mid-June of 2018, Fiona came home one day and discovered that water was dripping from a ceiling as she entered her home. She called her home insurance company, which sent out a contractor for an urgent dry-out. Soon, the insurance adjuster came to inspect the water damage & then offered only $15k, which frustrated Fiona.

Since Fiona was concerned about all the carpet matching (& the low dollar amount that insurance offered for repairs), she talked to a restoration company in Phoenix about advocating for a higher approval. However, they declined to help her get a bigger approval.

Still frustrated, she talked again to the friend with the new flooring that Fiona liked. She found out more about CANYON STATE RESTORATION and contacted Dane.

Dane offered to help increase Fiona’s approval amount (plus to do the repairs & restoration). Fiona agreed. Eventually, Dane got her a greatly increased approval (~$18k more so far).

Also, Dane guided her through selecting the materials for rebuilding the damage to her home. She was grateful that he was able to obtain great deals on materials, plus he carefully calculated the exact amount of materials needed (saving her lots of money relative to what another company in Phoenix was going to charge for the exact same job).

Fiona also provided a long list of things that her home insurance company did not offer to pay for at first, but then agreed to pay for because of Dane. Thinking back on it all, Fiona strongly emphasized her gratitude for her friend that had recommended Dane to her.