Buckeye, AZ Water Damage Restoration – Canyon State Restoration

Buckeye, AZ Water Damage Restoration- Canyon State Restoration

**If water is invading your home right now, do not wait- call Canyon State Restoration now! We are open 24 hours a day!***

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24 Hour Emergency Response
Canyon State Restoration is Buckeye’s top, 24 hour restoration service company. If you currently have damage caused to your home or business from water, fire, mold, or asbestos then we are always open for you! We understand that these emergencies happen at all hours- to include the middle of the night. You should never have to wait for normal business hours when your home is experiencing damage while you wait. We want to take care of the damage, and fast. That’s why we are always available for you!


Fast Response Time
The key to preventing further damage to your property is fixing the problem and removing the water as soon as possible. That’s why we are open 24 hours a day, and also why we have an hour response time. That’s right, we will be at your home or business within an hour of your phone call! Getting to your property as soon as we can will save you thousands of dollars in damage- call Canyon State Restoration now!!


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Water Damage Restoration
When water damages your home or business most people in Buckeye don’t think it’s a big deal because of our dry weather. This is a big mistake! Certain materials, textiles, and flooring can actually hold in excess moisture for long periods of time causing severe damage and often times mold. This is why it’s incredibly important to call the restoration professionals at Canyon State Restoration so we can ensure that all the moisture has been clearly removed. We will user our thermal imagining cameras to look for moisture we can’t see with our eyes, and use our industrial strength tools to completely dry your home or business. For a free quote and assessment, and a fast one- call now!!


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Water Damage Documentation
Here in Arizona it’s legally required to disclose any and all flooding or water emergencies your property experienced during a sale of the property. Many property owners do not know that, and so they do not properly document the damage or how they fixed the problem and restored the damage. That’s why Canyon State Restoration documents every stage of our process- we not only care about your home or business, but the investment you have in it.   When it’s time to sell, you’ll be so glad you had us document everything for you- and that will give your buyers peace of mind.


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Mold Damage Restoration

Most mold damage in Buckeye is typically caused by excess moisture that was not totally removed. This is why it’s important to properly remove ALL excess water. Any moisture that you can’t see with your eyes, but is still there, will cause mold damage down that road. This could cost thousands of dollars down the road if left unattended.

The first step in mold abatement is to locate the source of the mold, and fix it. As we said, it’s usually moisture somewhere in the home- so we will find out where that moisture is coming from and make sure that stops immediately. After locating the source, we begin cleaning and removing the mold. Depending on the scope of the damage, this could be an easy process or very complicated and delicate process.

Please- DO NOT try to remove the mold yourself. Mold, and mold damage is far more complicated then it seems- a lot of mold actually have roots that go deep into the surface and material is on. If these roots are not properly and completely removed, the mold will come back. Also- once you begin the restoration process, tiny little particles will be stirred up in the air- these could latch onto another surface, and grow there. That’s why do everything we can to secure the location, and isolate it from the rest of the property. For proper, and total removal of mold call the specialists here at Canyon State Restoration!


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Fire Damage Restoration
First of all- if you have experienced a fire we are so very sorry. We know how devastating a fire is, no matter how small or big.

Second- thank you for considering Canyon State Restoration for your restoration needs. When it comes to fire damage- there’s also smoke damage, soot damage, and even water damage from putting the fire out. Because of this- the restoration process is unique and requires a lot of experience. We have been restoring homes and businesses from fire damage for fifty years- this is something we are very proud of! We’ve learned a lot, and have got our process down to a science.

Please remember to never touch any damaged items with your bare hands- the oils on your hands can permanently damage anything that has soot on it. Always wear gloves, and limit your exposure to the property until we can come in and secure it. Our first priority is your safety, and the safe keeping of all your belongings and home. For more information about how we restore your property call today! We are ready and here to serve you.

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