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Make Canyon State Restoration a part of your emergency plan- and store our number! People often plan escapes routes for fires, or what to do incase there’s a water emergency, but rarely do people think far enough ahead and decide what they will do when it comes time to repair the property. The worst thing a property owner can do is choose your restoration company when emotions are flying. This is how people get taken advantage of- and why we always recommend you do your research BEFORE the emergency hits. We sure hope you never have to use our number, or whomever you go with, but you will be so glad you did should the need arise.


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Always Available- 24/hours a day

No matter the cause of damage- water, mold, or fire- Canyon State Restoration is available 24 hours a day. We know that a lot of emergencies can happen at night- or at least happen after business hours. That’s why our technicians are always on call and available for dispatch out to your property at any time. When it comes to saving your home or business from further damage, acting swiftly can make all the difference. After your call- we will be to your location in under an hour, and we’ll get to work!
Water Damage Restoration

If a pipe burst, or that darn dishwasher flooded the kitchen- we’re the water damage restoration team for you to call. Canyon State Restoration has 50 years of experience, top of the line technologies, industrial strength equipment, and proven methods that will get your home or business water free. After removing the visible water, we will also use our thermal imaging to make sure all the hidden moisture is located, and then removed as well. The last thing you need to deal with is water damage, then down the road mold damage because the water wasn’t fully removed!! For complete water and excess moisture removal, call Canyon State Restoration today.


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Mold Abatement

Did you recently find mold in your home or business? If so- do not worry! Most molds are typically caused by moisture trapped in the home. Our job when we come to remove mold is to first locate the source, and then to fix the source. Once we’ve done that, we will begin removing the mold. Depending on the scope of the damage, this could be a fairly easy job- to a far more extensive one. For your free mold assessment and restoration quote- call us today!


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Fire Damage

Canyon State Restoration is so sorry to hear about your recent fire. We know how traumatic it can be to experience a fire of any magnitude- that’s why we are here for you. We truly care about our clients, that’s why one of the first things we always so aside from securing the property- is removing valuable items from the home, most of which are your children’s favorite bear- or fine art that you just can’t replace. We know that simply removing these to a safe place will reduce your stress significantly- so that’s what we do! For our complete fire restoration process see the steps below:


Step 1. Secure the Property

It’s important to Canyon State Restoration to work closely with the fire department, and the homeowner. Before we want you reentering the home, we need to be cleared by the fire department first. Once we are cleared to go in- we overlook everything in further detail and make sure it’s secure and safe before we want you and your family coming back. Safety is always our first goal!


Step 2. Valuable Item Retrieval and Cleaning

When it comes to sensitive items like art work or irreplaceable items- we know it’s important to you to remove those first, and get them cleaned and restored. Once we’ve located these items, we take them to our facility and clean them to protect against further damage.


Step 3. Cleaning at the source

The biggest step in fire restoration is just tackling where the fire started. There are all sorts of odors, damages, and items that need to be removed and cleaned at the source- and doing so first will help clean out the air and home from soot and smoke. While some will remain, there will be no more new soot and smoke to float around the air.


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Step 4. If needed, remove items

Sometimes it just makes more sense to remove all items from the home. If this is case, we will discuss your options and assist in all the relocating of your personal items and furniture.


Step 5. Remove the odor

Although cleaning up the source of the fire will help significantly, there is usually still an odd odor after a fire. This is the part where we attack the odor throughout the property!


Step 6. Restore  

Finally- time to put up the new walls, put down the new flooring, repair that cabinet door, and get the place looking like home again!!


Step 7. All done!

If you were forced to leave the property because of the fire- this is the day you get to move back home! This is where all that hard work pays off, and it’s often our favorite day!

Canyon State Restoration is certified by the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)-we are proud to uphold their ethical and business standards for the restoration industry!


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