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Canyon State Restoration Services
–       Mold testing, removal, and damage restoration
–       Fire Damage repair and restoration
–       Water damage repair
–       Water removal
–       Sewage Removal and clean up
–       Drying of carpets and wet surfaces


Who will you call?

One of the worst things you can do when you’ve experienced damage to your property- is decide who will come in and restore it when you’re still emotional and under stress. We’ve seen people get taken advantage of time and time again in these situations-and later called us to help fix the damage done by water or fire AND the people that did poor work. This is why we always advise property owners to do their homework BEFORE disaster strikes, and before the emotions are flying. It’s good to be prepared, and have a plan! We hope you never have to call us- or whomever you choose- but you’ll be so glad you were ready should the need arise.


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Any day, any hour

Canyon State Restoration is available for emergency restoration or water removal 24 hours a day, any day of the year. We don’t want you waiting for normal business hours to get the help you need- that could cause more damage and cost you far more money- that’s why our technicians are on call and ready to be there in hour. So don’t hesitate if it’s late, call right away- we are always here for you!


Water Damage Restoration

When it comes to water damage to property- removing the water as quickly as possible is the key to keeping the damage at a minimum. That’s why we respond immediately when you call, and begin removing the water and fixing the cause of the water leak. We will also use our thermal imaging cameras to find excess moisture that could be hiding behind a wall or in dry wall- and that would become a mold problem if not removed. We do not want to leave your property until every last drop of water and moisture is removed.


Mold Damage Restoration

Most molds here in Arizona are simply caused by excess moisture somewhere in the home. Our first step for mold restoration is to figure out where the water or moisture originally came from. This is usually a pipe that has been leaking or a time where water got in and was not properly or fully removed. After we’ve fixed the problem we begin fixing the damage that was done, so you can get back to life!

Though mold removal can seem easy enough- the truth is it’s important to have the mold looked at and tested if needed. Our assessments are always free- we would much prefer that you call us before trying to remove the mold yourself because a lot of molds can spread to other parts of the home if not handled correctly. Plus- depending on the type of mold, the process to fully remove it so it won’t grow back will be different! Let the professionals handle it- call Canyon State Restoration now for your free assessment and quote.

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Fire Damage Repair

Repairing a home after there has been a fire is a very delicate process, one that we’ve mastered over the 50 years we’ve been in business. Depending on how severe the damage is- restoring your property could be a quick project, or if the damage was severe it could be a very long project. For a quick look at how we restore a home or business after fire read the steps below:


Step 1. Secured for Reentry

We will work closely with the fire department before even we allow our workers into the property after a fire- once we are cleared to enter, we will work alongside your insurance adjuster and document all the damage done. After the place is safe for reentry, and the insurance company has been able to walk through the damage- then we will get to work on restoring your business or home.


Step 2. Valuables

There are always items the property owners wants right away because they hold emotional or monetary value. That’s why the first thing we do is remove these items and clean them immediately.


Step 3. At the source  

For this step we begin cleaning up where the fire originated. This will be the bigger chunk of our work- and will significantly help the odor.


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Step 4. Moving out

Sometimes it’s more cost effective to move out all the furniture and belongings so we can just get to work without further damage to your belongings happening. When that’s the case we will talk it over with you, and help move everything out.


Step 5. Deodorization

The smell that lingers after a fire is a unique one- so completely removing it requires a unique cleaning process as well. How we clean, and what we clean with will all depend on the type of fire it was- electrical, food born, or another cause. You can trust that we will get that odor out!


Step 6. Restore/Repair  

This is the grunt work- putting the new walls back up, restoring parts with minor damage, painting, and putting down the new flooring etc.


Step 7. Welcome back!

We sure love this day at Canyon State Restoration- this is the day everything is done and you get your property and your life back!! The smiles and the happy tears make all the hard work and struggles well worth it!

You can trust Canyon State Restoration for all your Restoration needs. Whether it’s fire, mold, asbestos, water, or anything else- we are the team with the most experience in El Mirage. There’s a reason residents here have trusted us for 50 years, and that’s because we are simply the best in the area!!


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