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–       Water Damage Restoration and Repair
–       Mold Damage Restoration
–       Water Removal
–       Mold Removal
–       Mold Abatement
–       Fire Damage Repair and Restoration
–       Sewage Removal
–       Drying of carpets and wet surfaces


What’s your emergency plan?

We know most of you have an emergency escape plan should a fire ever occur, or what to do if there’s break-in, but do you know what you will do and who you will call if there’s water invading the home? After the fire, who will you trust to restore your property back to the way it was? We always hope that you NEVER need to put these kinds of plans in place, but we also know making these decisions when you’re not under emotion stress is the best time. For more information about us, keep reading or call anytime! We are truly here for you!


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Around the clock care

Yes, we are available 24 hours a day!!! When it comes to fire, mold, or water damage- getting to the source of the damage and restoring the property as quickly as possible can make all the difference. After your call to Canyon State Restoration we will arrive in under an hour to begin the process of restoring your property back to the way it was, or better! That’s why the residents of Gold Canyon have trusted us for their water emergency needs for 50 years!


Water Damage Restoration

Our dry weather here can often trick property owners into thinking the water emergency isn’t that bad, and that the air can dry it up effectively. In some cases this can be true, but most cases are not that simple. There are a lot of materials out there (dry wall, wood etc) that actually hold moisture in them. This moisture is unseen by the naked eye, and can cause extensive mold damage if left there. This is why we have thermal imagine camera’s to help us locate water and moisture we otherwise would not see. This is also why we move and act fast, because when it comes to water- the sooner we can remove it the better!


Mold Damage Restoration

If you’ve found mold in your home or business do not worry! Most molds here in Gold Canyon AZ are simply caused by excess moisture someone in the home. Our first step when you call us for mold restoration is to figure out where the water or moisture came from (a leaky pipe for example) and fix that problem on the spot. After we’ve fixed the problem and know the mold won’t return- we begin removing the mold and restoring your property back to normal.

Please DO NOT try to remove the mold yourself. Most molds have tiny little particles that will be spread around the entire house should they be touched or worked with. This is why we take a lot of measures to ensure the rest of your property does not get contaminated! Remember- our assessments and quotes are always free- call us today to get your assessment.

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Gold Canyon’s top fire restoration service

When it comes to fire damage and restoring a property- there is a lot involved that many people just don’t consider- it’s truly a skill that takes experience. Canyon State Restoration has 50 years of experience in restoring damaged properties from fire. We have had decades of time to master the art of fire damage restoration- you simply cannot find that experience anywhere else. For a very quick overview here are the steps we take in our process:


Step 1. Safety first

First thing is always safety. We not only want the property to be safe for our technicians, but for you and your loved ones as well. We will work with the fire department to ensure the property is completely safe for reentry.


Step 2. Special Items

There are always those few items and belongings that are valuable for many reasons-the first thing we do is find those for you, and begin cleaning them immediately. These items range from your sons teddy bear, important documents, to fine art of that family heirloom.


Step 3. Where it all started

Now we get to the source of the fire and begin removing all the unsalvageable materials. We then clean the area and begin fully restoring it.

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Step 4. Removing items

There are cases where completely emptying the home will be the most effective and efficient. If that’s the case, we will move all belongings to a storage facility while we restore and repair your home.


Step 5. Deodorization of the property

The smell the persists after a fire is a unique one- and removing it typically involves a unique process as well!! Some fires are food born- we call the protein fires- so we use certain cleaners and deodorizers that will completely remove the protein and fire smell. This will ensure that when you move back in, you’ll never have to deal with that fire smell- it will smell as good as new!


Step 6. Restore  

It’s finally time to put up the new dry wall, sand and refinish the cabinets, lay down the new carpet and wood flooring, and start making the place look like home (or work) again!


Step 7. Home Sweet Home (or work sweet work)

This day is almost always better then Christmas morning. To welcome a family or business family back into their property has got to be one of the best feelings ever. The smiles and happy tears keep us coming back for more!

No matter the reason for calling Canyon State Restoration- we hope you know that we think it’s an honor to be trusted by you- and will do everything we can to get you back to your normal life and routine. Thank you for choosing Canyon State Restoration!

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