After water damage, know the value of an expert ally to help with insurance claims

Below is a transcript of segments of an audio testimonial from a client near Phoenix who had water damage. She was commenting on how much she appreciated the help of Dane from Canyon State Restoration with her insurance claim. She emphasized how smoothly things went because Dane came in person to meet with the insurance adjuster (when the adjuster came to her water damaged home to inspect everything and hopefully approve the insurance claim).

Water damage client: “So… what was really great is that he’s so knowledgeable in the business. I’ve never had to do this before! So he really guided me as far as ‘okay, you know, call your insurance company, tell them this,’ and he even said ‘hey, when the adjuster comes out, call me and I’ll be out to talk to him’ – which was SO helpful! You know, that would not have gone as smoothly if he hadn’t have been here.

The adjuster had given us a window and then Dane waited around. Then as soon as he [the adjuster] was here, I called him [Dane] and he came right over. So, that was really nice as well.”

Interviewer: “Okay, so for me who has never had a water damage emergency in my own home and for anyone else like that, can you say anything more specifically about how it was helpful to have Dane around when the adjuster visited?”

This client east of Phoenix gave our restoration company another 5-star review, especially because of our help with her insurance claim.
Water damage client: “Instead of me having to take him around and show him everything, Dane did! And not only that, he was able to really detail ‘this is what we found, this is what we saw’ and so I would have… I would have never been able to do that, you know? So Dane pointed out things to him that I may not have pointed out to an adjuster just on my own.

Having him [Dane] there, we were able to communicate on their professional level, and I just sat on the couch and did nothing- which was very comforting. I could just hear them talking back and forth and I could tell that… that the adjuster really appreciated all the work that Dane had already done and all of the information he was giving him. And so those are the kinds of comments that I heard from the adjuster.”


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