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Having water invade and damage your home is a stressful and often scary time- especially when you need to repair damage done. That’s why residents of Maricopa have trusted Canyon State Restoration for 50 years! We are the area’s leading Restoration Company. With the latest technologies, and strongest industrialized equipment, we get your home or business back to new fast- and correctly!

We don’t just restore the home and then leave; we handle insurance claims, advocate for you to your insurance, move furniture and belongings in and out, store belongings, and even use thermal imagine to locate unseen moisture to ensure that mold won’t become a problem after we leave. We know the ins and outs when there’s been water, fire, or mold damage- and we know exactly what to do! No other company in Maricopa will restore water damage, mold damage, or fire damage as good and thoroughly as Canyon State Restoration.

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Canyon State Restoration is the fastest company in response time, often responding to your home or business in under an hour of your call. When it comes to damage of property- moving fast can help save you from more damage. That means less money in the long run. We aren’t just concerned about your home or business, but also in protecting the investment you have in it!

Canyon State Restoration Services

–       Water Damage Repair and restoration
–       Fire Damage repair and restoration
–       Asbestos testing and removal
–       Water Removal
–       Mold Removal
–       Mold Damage Restoration
–       Direct Insurance Billing
–       24 hour Emergency Response
24 Hour Emergency Response
Canyon State Restoration is always available- day or night.  We know that these things happen at all hours, so our trucks and technicians are ready for your call.

Fast Response Time
Again- getting to a water emergency as fast as possible is important so we can protect the rest of your home. That’s why we respond within an hour- no matter the day or time of day.


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Water Damage Restoration
The restoration process for water damage ranges from simple, to incredibly complex. It all depends on the scope of the damage, where the damage occurred, and the source of the water damage. Sources for water damage can be leaky pipes, rain water coming in from the roof, a sink that clogged and began to overflow, or flash flooding during those rare rain storms that come through.

No matter the cause of the water damage, we will come in as soon as you call and begin fixing the problem to get the water to stop invading the home. As soon as the water has stopped, we will begin drying the floors, cabinets, dry wall, and whatever else needs to be dried. Before we declare your property moisture free- we will use our thermal imaging to make sure there isn’t any water hiding anywhere! Any amount of moisture that is left behind can cause mold damage down the road- so we make sure every last drop is removed.

Once the property is dry, we will begin repairing dry wall and anything that was damaged. Again- the amount of work and time this will take will all depend on how severe the water damage was to begin with. A lot of projects can simply be a day- while others are far more extensive.


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Water Damage Safety Suggestions:

  • Do not unplug devices, appliances, or lighting when there’s water and the electricity is still on!
  • If it’s safe to do so- find your breaker box and turn off the electricity to the rooms effected
  • Never allow children to play in the standing water- there could be debris and all sorts of bacteria
  • Please do not drink the water.
  • Call your water damage experts- Canyon State Restoration



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Protecting not just your property, but your investment in the property as well
It’s state law in Arizona for  all home/business owners to disclose water, fire, and mold damage that occurred under their ownership. That’s why we are trained and experienced in documenting everything you will need. That way, when you decide to sell at some point in the future, the value in your home is not affected in a negative way, and the buyers will have peace of mind knowing that the best restoration company did the work on their house or business! You simply will not find another company that will look at for you and your investment in any other way!


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Insurance Assistance

One of the most stressful parts of property damage is dealing with the insurance company to get what you need covered. This is the last thing you should be worried about when you’ve just experienced a fire, water damage, or mold. Canyon State Restoration wants to take that burden off your shoulders so we work closely with your insurance company by directly billing them and providing all the information they need in order to cover costs. We will not only do all this for you, but communicate consistently with you and with them so everyone has peace of mind. Canyon State Restoration will be your advocate to your insurance company- it’s just another way we go the extra mile for our customers.

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Canyon State Restoration is restoring damaged homes in the following zip codes for Maricopa; 85138, 85139, 85238, 85239