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–       Mold Removal
–       Fire Damage repair and restoration
–       Water Damage Restoration and repair
–       24 hour emergency service
–       Removal of personal belongings to a storage facility when needed
–       Mold Damage Repair and Testing
–       Excess Moisture Removal
–       Asbestos Testing and Removal
–       Drying of carpets and wet surfaces
Mesa Residents- If a water emergency strikes who will you call for help?

While most home or business owners have an emergency plan in place for how to escape in case of an emergency- most of us do not know what we will do when it comes time to get everything fixed and repaired. That’s why Canyon State Restoration recommends that all Mesa residents save our phone number in your phones, phone book, or planner. We hope you never have to use our number, but if you do need it you’ll be so glad you have easy access to us! Having our number on hand could save you hours- which in turn could save you thousands of dollars!


Canyon State Restoration’s number is:


An, “always open” type of Restoration Company!

No matter the type of damage to your home, getting to the damage fast is the one thing that can save you the most money and prevent the most damage. Once everyone is safe- whether it’s water damage, fire damage, or mold- the very next thing you should do is call Canyon State Restoration! No matter what time of day or night, and no matter what day it is- even Christmas morning- we will be to your property in under an hour for an assessment, water removal, and of course a free quote if further repairs are needed! Do not wait, we’re always here!


Water Damage Restoration

If you think that Mesa is too dry for water damage, think again! Water has an amazing ability in storing up in certain surfaces and materials- especially wood and dry wall. Just because you can’t see a puddle of water, does not mean there’s not water damage happening and sometimes, even mold! That is why we use thermal imagine to make sure that every single ounce of water and moisture is gone- this will prevent mold from growing and prevent further damage to your property.


Mold Damage Restoration

We’ve all done it before- see the seemingly harmless mold and wipe it clean. It seems simple enough, until you see it come back time and time again. The reason mold can be so tricky to get rid of is because people greatly underestimate molds stubbornness. Depending on the type of mold- wiping it clean will just get the surface of the mold removed- but the roots will remain in the grain of the wood or whatever material it’s on. Mold also is almost always indicative of a water leak someone in the home- so the mold will continue to come back of the source of the mold is not fixed permanently.


If you see mold in your home, or suspect it- skip the wipes and call Canyon State Restoration today!!



Mesa’s most trusted fire damage Restoration Company

When it comes to fire damage restoration, Canyon State Restoration is Mesa’s most trusted restoration company. We take care of everything from securing of the property, to repairs, to the last paint stroke on the walls before you move in. During the process, no matter the extent of the damage, we treat your home and belongings with the upmost of care and precision. To avoid the oils on our fingers causing permanent damage to soot covered items- we always wear gloves. When we remove odors, we always look at the source of the fire so we choose the best method possible. You can always trust that we will get your home and belongings restored and back to normal- so you and your life can do the same!!

Here is a short explanation of the process we use to restore your property after a fire:


Step 1. Making sure the property is secure

Safety is always our first priority. Before we enter the property, we check with the fire department to make sure it’s safe for us. Once we’re cleared to enter, we will take further steps to make sure the property is then safe for you and your family, should you need to reenter the home.


Step 2. Valuable Item Repair

Whether it’s valuable in a monetary way, or sentimental way, the first items we want to restore are the ones that hold the most value to you. We will walk through the property with you, and gather these items so we can get to work. Some people choose artwork and important documents; some choose their toddlers blanket and favorite toy. We know certain items hold a special place in our lives for many reasons, that’s why we care for those first- before the walls and surfaces.


Step 3. Get it at the source

After we’ve removed the valuable items, we will get to the source of the fire and begin removing the source, and the items around that. A lot of times this will be a stove in the kitchen, and the cabinets surrounding it. The removal of the source will help with the odor, and it will also be a big chunk of the project getting done!


Call now to begin the process!



Step 4. Removing belongings when needed

Should the fire damage be extensive, it usually makes sense to remove all furniture and belongings into storage until the restoration project is complete. We will help in this step as well.


Step 5. Deodorization

Most fires have a source- protein or electrical for example. And each source has a very distinct smell and odor. With those distinct smells and sources of the fire- comes a distinct and specific way to remove the odor. You can trust that we will locate the source of the fire, and use the proper method to rid the property completely of the odor.


Step 6. R&R

It’s now time to repair, and restore! This is the biggest part of the project- property owners will often see the most progress happen at this stage- which typically makes them very excited!!!


Step 7. Welcome Home!!

It’s not Christmas morning, but it sure feels like it sometimes! At this stage we will welcome you back into your home or business!


We are proud to be restoring properties in the following zip codes of Mesa, Arizona; 85201852028520385205852078520885210852138521585281.