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About our water damage company in Queen Creek- CREDENTIALS: our license with the Arizona ROC, our IICRC certifications as water damage inspection and repair specialists, and our A+ rating with the BBB for central Arizona

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Click here to hear the emotional stories of past clients of our water damage restoration company in Queen Creek AZ. They have learned the difference between typical water damage companies and our company. You can learn from them!

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water leaks and burst pipes can lead to water damage




For storm damage, including damage to your roof from hail and strong winds, we will inspect and restore both the exterior of your home as well as any damage to the interior (including from water leaks or flooding from a storm). Click here to learn specifically about how we detect and address water damage related to storms.

When providing restoration services for your damaged property in Queen Creek, you will benefit from the quality of our sincere concern for your interests. Training and expertise are also very important of course. However, one thing that we have repeatedly noticed in our 50 years of experience is that personal attention matters.

We do not just work with materials and tools. We work in the midst of your household and family (or at your business, staff, and customers). Restoration services can be messy and more dangerous than typical renovations.

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With leaks and water damage, there are many safety precautions to keep in mind

Be aware that restoration services not as nearly simple as new construction (or just stopping a water leak). For one thing, insurance claims can be tricky. Plus, many safety precautions- for you and for us- are relevant.

For instance, there may be a hazard of contamination (like with spreading toxic mold or with water that contains sewage or harsh industrial chemicals). A very extreme case is a leak that soaks in to places with live electrical currents, causing risks unlike what an electrician or plumber would typically encounter. (To learn more about safety precautions, click here: keeping the damage minimal and avoiding injuries.)

From the initial assessment to getting the insurance claim approved and doing the repairs, you’ll get the advantage of our 50 years of experience. As an extension of our desire to better serve you, Canyon State Restoration has top-of-the-line equipment, the most experienced and skilled technicians in Queen Creek, and a response time of under 1 hour (24-hours a day).

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overflow of washing machine- this leak could lead to water damage

24-hour Emergency services in Queen Creek

Yes- we are always open!! That means that we really are ready to meet your restoration needs at any time of the day or night. Call us right now. We are always here to serve you!

We are on call 24 hours a day (even on weekends and holidays) because we know that a quick response matters. If you have a water leak emergency in particular, calling us for fast assistance will mean that there is less flooding and less time for the leaked water to soak in (and lead to mold growth).

We also make it a point to be there within an hour of your phone call. Why? Because we truly understand how property damage works- so we want to get to the damage quickly and get to work!

mold remediation

Restoration services in AZ: Water, Fire, Mold, & More


Restoration services in Queen Creek AZ:
–       24-hour Leak Repair & Water Extraction
–       Flood & Sewage Clean Up & Restoration
–       Fire & Smoke Damage Repairs
–       Mold Testing & Remediation
–       Asbestos Testing & Removal

Canyon State Restoration takes pride in offering you the skills and precision that we have developed in our 50 years of restoration experience. We have learned a lot while mastering the restoration art and process, and we have a proven method that works. We build on the basic training of the IICRC with decades of real-world experience.

You want to know that your restoration team in Queen Creek is doing everything they should to remove all the moisture, all the water, all the soot and smoke and ash. That’s why we have invested in top of the line thermal-imaging cameras- so we can see all the water and moisture hiding behind walls or in materials that you cannot see with the naked eye. When it comes to fire damage we never work without gloves because we know that the oil from your fingers can cause permanent damage to belongings covered in soot. Our attention to detail is unmatched (which comes from decades of experience).

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If you have a water leak or flood in Queen Creek, let Canyon State Restoration take care of it for you

Water Leak Safety Tips

  • Keep children (and pets) out of the water that’s flooding the home
  • If it’s safe, disconnect all electronics that are near water
  • If you’ve been out of the property due to severe water damage (or after a fire when water hoses were used to put out the fire), do not re-enter the home until the inspectors or fire department says it’s safe to do so.
  • Once you enter the home or business that has had water sitting for more than 48 hours, presume that there is mold present and request mold testing
  • Call Canyon State Restoration to take care of the assessment, dry-out, cleanup and restoration!!!

Mold Safety Tips

out of normal view, mold has been growing

  • Do NOT touch mold with your bare hands
  • Do not just wipe away the mold that you can see. (Let us inspect and test for more.)
  • Never disturb mold-damaged materials (unless the contaminated area has been sealed to isolate it from the air that circulates in to the rest of the house)
  • Wear a mask when you are around the mold
  • Next, especially if you start to experience coughing, eye irritation, brain fog, light-headedness or other symptoms commonly associated with toxic mold, then exit that area of your home and close any open doors connecting to that area.
  • Mold-contaminated materials are hazardous materials. While wearing a small protective mask is helpful in relation to keeping mold out of your nose and lungs, you do not want it on your skin or in your eyes either. Unless you have a hazmat suit (and you also know exactly how to assess mold growth and resolve mold issues), then simply let the experts at Canyon State Restoration handle your mold remediation needs for you. Call us now (24/7) at 480-734-5874.
  • If you disturb mold (in to the air), it will spread. So, when removing moldy cabinets or ripping out carpet with a moldy pad underneath, great precaution needs to be taken to avoid contaminating much more of the house through air-borne mold spores. We will completely seal off a room before disturbing moldy materials. In contrast, several restoration companies serving Queen Creek apparently operate with much with less focus on your safety. We have seen cases where they have contaminated large areas of a home with mold because of negligence. (We witnessed this because we were later sent in by an insurance company to do the mold remediation job right.)
kitchen fire damage

Fire Damage Safety Tips

  • Exit the property and call 911
  • Once the fire department is on the way, call us and we will arrive in the next hour
  • Do not try to reenter the property until it’s secured and safe
  • Do not touch any belongings with your bare hands
  • Limit exposure to smoke and always wear a mask when near the area of the burning/li>

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Protecting Your Investment  

In Arizona, it’s the law that prior to selling, you must disclose any property damage sustained by your home or building. Because of these disclosure laws, you want to know that you’ve properly documented everything, and repaired it to the best that you could because this will keep your home as valuable as possible.

Property damage documentation is a way we like go above and beyond for our clients. When we work on your home in Queen Creek, we will document everything we fixed and how we fixed it- that way when it’s time to see down the road you and the buyers will have peace of mind. This is how Canyon State Restoration will help protect your investment!


Direct Insurance Billing

Dealing with insurance when you have a major restoration project under way is completely overwhelming. That’s why we will directly bill your insurance company for you. When your insurance adjuster is scheduled to come to your property in Queen Creek, we will also plan to be there in person to speak with them and to make sure that you are getting everything that your insurance company owes you. (For more info, click here: how to triple the value of your insurance copverage instantly.)

During this time we will constantly communicate with you and your insurance company to keep the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you. That’s why we work with your insurance company for you as an advocate to get everything covered as much as possible.

We are experienced when it comes to dealing with all insurance companies and we do our best to make sure everything will be covered and paid for. During this time we always communicate with so you’re not left to wonder about cost and billing.

Queen Creek’s Restoration leader: CANYON STATE RESTORATION

No matter what your restoration needs are, Canyon State Restoration can serve you in Queen Creek. Whether it’s emergency service at midnight, a stove fire on Thanksgiving, insurance help, documentation help, or simply solving the problem as to why mold grew in that one spot in the first place, we are the experienced team for you. With 50 years of experience serving Queen Creek, we know what it takes to get the job done right the first time!

We will serve you in the following zip codes; 85142, 85240, 85242, 85243