“I didn’t even know that Dane owned a water damage repair company.”

photo of Dane

Do you know the story of how Dane Chaffee became the owner of a water damage repair company serving all of Phoenix? (Or, maybe you did not even know that he owns a restoration company in Arizona!)

I will come back to Dane’s history in a moment. First, here’s how this topic came to my attention.

During a testimonial interview, a recent client named Missy (AKA Melissa Rogers / Hale) surprised me when I asked her how she got in touch with Dane (about repairing some water damage to her family’s home in Mesa). Click the link to listen to the :24 audio (or scroll down to read the transcription).

“I’ve known Dane since I was a very young kid (through church). And… I didn’t know that he owned this company! So, I put a facebook message out (a post) and described that I had some water damage to the drywall… He ended up sending me a message that he owned Canyon State Restoration.”

Soon after that interview, I asked Dane if he thought that a lot of his old friends and acquaintances were aware of his involvement in the water damage field. Before long, we began planning to create this content to share through social media.


How did Dane’s involvement with a water damage company start?


The basics are simple. After graduating from ASU, Dane began to work as a CPA at a local accounting firm. Through his work with the CPA firm, he was asked to invest in an existing water damage company in Phoenix. He agreed.

Prior to that, he had some experience in the construction field while working his way through college. However, the request to become a partner in the business originally did not include any plans for him to be involved in managing the everyday operations (or actually specializing in the methods of effectively repairing water damage).

Handling increasing demand and adding another water damage expert


Next, through an unexpected sequence of events, Dane did begin to take a more active role. He also repeatedly learned about some of the typical challenges facing homeowners in relation to their insurance claims for water damage repairs.

As time went on, requests for services kept increasing. Soon, another specialist was added to the team because of his extensive experience in detecting water damage (as well as mold damage remediation). That restoration expert is Ryan Neville.


Why so many past clients in greater Phoenix recommend our restoration company

As for me, I started working with Dane’s company in early 2013. One of my tasks has been interviewing past clients. Many of the interviews have been very educational for me- or even startling (note that I was not at all familiar with the restoration field).

Many of the past clients across central Arizona have shared about the tremendous relief they experienced after working with Canyon State Restoration. Several of those homeowners have had major problems either with their insurance company, with some other restoration company in Phoenix, or with both. (To listen to some of the older interviews, click here: What our Phoenix water damage & restoration clients say about how much we helped them with stressful insurance claims.)

Over and over, I heard these past clients give very personal and emotional recommendations about how Dane’s way of doing business was so valuable to them (and not just in relation to their insurance claims). To read a few short comments from them about how they learned the importance of being cautious about trusting just any restoration company, click here: why to choose a restoration company in Phoenix carefully. (Also, that article concludes with a longer version of how Dane came to own Canyon State.)


Dane’s expertise and commitment saved one Phoenix area resident nearly $60,000

As an example, one of my favorite interviews so far featured a homeowner that saved nearly $60,000 because of the extra insurance coverage that Dane was able to get approved. Audio from that interview is at this link: if you could triple the value of your insurance coverage for free with one phone call, wouldn’t you?


The latest 5-star testimonial

Another thing I did not really expect was how much fun it would be to do these interviews. Back to the most recent interview with Missy in Mesa, here is a fun 18 second segment:

If you ever had an issue with a water leak or possible water damage would you be comfortable calling Dane and Ryan again?

Yes, one hundred and fifty percent.

That’s not possible: 150 percent! [laughter]


Okay, maybe that is not all that funny. Missy and I laughed though.

Anyway, Missy’s interview was also unusual for me because her repairs did NOT involve going through her home insurance company. She had expected that the costs would be much higher than her deductible, but was relieved to find out some very goods. When one of the restoration experts of Canyon State conducted some initial tests for moisture, he quickly determined that the damage in her bathroom from her leak was actually rather minor.

So, it would be very fast and inexpensive to repair. Next, he patched the wall and also re-caulked the shower to prevent future water damage. Here are the before and after photos:

missy's wall near her shower prior to water damage repairs (near Phoenix in Mesa AZ)

initial repairs to the wall (plus the new caulk will prevent future water damage) - canyon state restoration
Missy’s full interview is about 6.5 minutes long. If you’d like to hear it, click Why Missy recommends our water damage repair company in Phoenix.


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