Water damage repair in Phoenix AZ: Robyn’s testimonial

“I saved nearly $60,000 that, at first, insurance was not going to cover.” – Robyn M.

This homeowner east of Phoenix only got $19,000 of repairs approved by her initial insurance claim. With a little help from our dedicated experts, her insurance company nearly quadrupled the amount of benefits that they approved for the restoration of her home.

#1: Are you getting every dollar of water damage repair that your insurance company owes you?

Below, we will hear from a homeowner east of Phoenix whose home was damaged from a water leak. The initial amount approved on their insurance claim was about $19,000. However, you will learn how easy it was for her to get an additional $57,000 of coverage, which included a free brand new kitchen and new replacement flooring. (She would have eventually had to pay for all of that out of her own pocket… if not for one simple step: contacting CANYON STATE RESTORATION).

Robyn: “The thing that I have learned from this… (if anyone else was in this situation), is do not go through it alone. Do not try to battle insurance alone. Unless you know the insurance business in and out, you will lose yourself tens of thousands of dollars.”

Interviewer: “A really big difference financially and in terms of the end results of what got remodeled.”

Robyn: “A huge amount different – like seven times the amount!”

Interviewer: “Yeah!?!? [chuckling]”

Robyn: “a big difference”

Interviewer: “That ís startling!”

Robyn: “So, don’t try to do it by yourself! That’s my bottom line advice to anyone who has a flood or fire or any other kind of issue.”

Interviewer: “If you knew somebody who needed assistance with any kind of damage restoration service, who would you recommend that they contact (if they were in central Arizona)?”

Robyn: “Oh, without a question, I would recommend that they call Dane at Canyon State.”

Interviewer: “Okay!”

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#2 Do you know a restoration pro in Phoenix that will be your ally in filing your claim?

Elsewhere on our website, we have given lots of other examples of people in Arizona who had trouble getting all the coverage that their insurance company owed them. The pros at CANYON STATE RESTORATION are proud to be able to help so many people in Phoenix with getting the most out of their insurance coverage.

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