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One surprise people don’t want to experience- water in their home. Or fire, mold, and asbestos. All these surprises are overwhelming, costly, and at times scary and emotional That’s why people have chosen to trust Canyon State Restoration for 50 years in the Surprise area. When it comes to water, fire, or mold damage restoration we have top of the line equipment, decades of experience, 24 hour emergency service, and a response time of an hour from your call!   We take damage of any kind to any property seriously, and that’s why we won’t make you wait for days to get an assessment. Our assessments and quotes are always fast, and always free! When it comes to your home or business, you want the best restoration company working on your property- and that’s us! Call today for a free quote!

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24 Hour Water Damage Emergency Response
Waking up to a leaking pipe in the middle of the night can be confusing and also overwhelming. You know that you need to remove the water- but who in the world is available in the middle of the night? We are! Canyon State Restoration is available for emergencies 24 hours a day- and every single day of the year. We know these things happen during Thanksgiving dinner, the middle of the night, and right at closing of normal business hours. You should never have to wait to get your home or business the care it needs- that’s why our technicians always have their phones on and are ready to serve you.


Fast Response Time
When water is invading the home, it’s imperative that you act fast and remove the water and moisture as soon as possible. That is one reason we are open 24/7- and available literally any day of the year. We have the fastest, strongest, and top industrial driers so we can remove the moisture as quickly as possible. Once you call Canyon State Restoration, we will bring all these things- as well as our expertise, to you within an hour. SO don’t wait too long, call now and help is one the way!!


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Water Damage Restoration

Excess moisture and water invasion happens fast, and can damage the home or business just as fast. The first thing to do when you notice water damage, or the invasion of water from leaking pipes or rain water- is to call Canyon State Restoration. We will arrive in about an hour and get the water to stop coming in- and fix the reason it was invading the home. The next thing we do is begin removing the water and excess moisture by using our industrial strength driers and thermal imagine to make sure we’ve removed every last ounce of excess moisture. Once we are sure all the water is gone, we will begin repairing and restoration! All of this can happen in a day- to a lot longer depending on the scope of the damage. For more information about your specific needs- call us today!


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Water Damage Documentation
It’s law here in Surprise, AZ to always document any water damage your property experienced under your ownership- when you decide to sell the home you must disclose this information to the potential seller. That’s why we document everything for you. This will help the value of your investment stay strong, and help in the selling process. Canyon State Restoration care about your home and business, and also your investment.


Mold Damage Restoration

Most mold damage in Surprise, NV is caused by water that was not properly removed and dried. This is another reason why it’s important you pick a restoration company that is thorough and gets the job done right the first time. With mold damage the first thing we will do is find the source of the mold- usually a leaky pipe. We will fix the source, remove the mold, and then restore your home. Depending on the type of mold- this can be a quick process or a very long process. It’s best to call us in at the first sight of mold because it will keep growing and spreading.

We always advise to not try to remove the mold yourself- every mold is different and requires a different removal process based on the material it’s on and the type of mold it is. Call us today for your free assessment and quote!


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Fire Damage Restoration
Experiencing the disaster of a fire- and the process of cleaning up and restoring the home or business can be very overwhelming. Canyon Stat Restoration is skilled and experienced with the process of fire damage restoration and clean up. We are incredibly detail oriented and will treat your belongings with the upmost of care and concern. We are the area’s top fire damage restoration company for a reason, we’ve 50 years of experience to bring to your restoration project.

Let Canyon State Restoration help you during this tough time- we will educate you about the process as much as you need, work closely with your insurance agent, and will not leave until everything has been cleaned, repaired, and restored! We will always wear the proper clothing and breathing masks, and will avoid getting the oil of our fingers on any artwork or items needing cleaning- that’s the kind of detailed work we do!


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Canyon State Restoration is restoring homes and businesses in the following Surprise zip codes; 85374, 85379, 85388, 85378, 85387