We’re your ally in preparing your insurance claim

No one expects for their home to be damaged, resulting in the need to file an insurance claim to cover the costs of repairs. When damage does occur, many home owners (or even property management companies) are not familiar with even the basic details of the insurance policy and would like assistance from our experts with the filing of their claim.

Unlike the typical general contractor, we handle these matters day after day and year after year. So, not only are we very familiar with the different filing procedures of the major insurance companies serving Arizona, but we also are aware of how the insurance companies approve or deny claims.

We specialize in measuring the exact conditions of your home (or commercial building) so that we can effectively present that information to the insurance company (like with footnotes quoting their own guidelines). We make it very easy for them to give you everything that you deserve.

Of course, you might not really have any idea how common it is for people who need restoration services to find the insurance claim process stressful or frustrating. So, here are a few examples of comments from recent clients. (You can even HEAR the emotional audio testimonials from these clients by clicking here.)

“We were so glad to have Dane as our ally.”

“Our hot water heater had leaked. When Dane met with the insurance adjuster during the repair process, that is when I was absolutely certain that I had made the right choice by hiring Dane’s company. The adjuster approved paying for everything that Dane requested (and I just sat on the couch and let out a big sigh of relief)! We were so glad to have Dane as our ally.”

– Lorena S.

“Do NOT try to battle insurance alone!”

“I told Dane that I was having some frustrations with insurance and he asked me if he could call my [insurance] adjuster. So I gave my adjuster’s information to Dane and I did not have to worry about a thing after that. He handled everything with the insurance so it was a HUGE headache off of my shoulders! I cannot even tell you how awesome that was because… sorry, I’m gonna cry. I love Dane. (laughing)

So, the initial approval from the insurance company only covered around $10,000 of repairs. After Dane went and met in person with the adjuster and his supervisor, they approved coverage for around another $70,000 of renovations.

The thing that I have learned from this… (if anyone else was in this situation), is do not go through it alone. Do NOT try to battle insurance alone! Unless you are an insurance adjuster and you know the insurance business in and out, you will lose yourself tens of thousands of dollars. So, don’t try to do it by yourself! That’s my bottom line advice to anyone who has a flood or fire or any other kind of issue.”

– Robyn M.

“My insurance company tried to stick me with the repair costs….”

“We had an emergency with water leaking down through the ceiling from our washing machine on the second floor. We called our insurance agent, who recommended a restoration company that I soon learned was not insured or properly licensed for the work we needed. The agent had never checked on that and was just as surprised as my wife and I were!

Weeks later, after I realized that there were serious problems with the quality of work done by
the other restoration company in Phoenix (the one that had been recommended to me by the insurance agent), we come to find out that there were even bigger problems with the insurance company and the claim for repairing the water damage. What I can say very briefly is that it is someone’s job at the insurance company to look for reasons to deny at least some part of a home owner’s claim. I understand that and I did not take it personally (or not for long) when they tried to stick me with the cost of damage that was the result of the first restoration company doing incomplete work.

So here’s the good news. When I told Dane about my situation, he helped get my insurance to approve some major costs from an electrical malfunction which had happened weeks later because of the neglect of the other restoration company in Phoenix. Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised and seriously impressed by the quality of service that Dane provides.”

– Mike G.