How do you know when to call a restoration company?

This may sound like a silly question, but the truth is that many people live in homes that have been damaged for years (even starting before they bought it). Throughout the years of inspecting homes in Phoenix and Tucson, our restoration company in AZ has encountered a lot of strange things.

Damage doesn’t always come in the form of a dramatic flooding of a basement, or an entire portion of your house burning down in a fire. Sometimes it’s the undetectable or barely noticeable things that are causing damage in your home.

Water Damage
Our restoration company in AZ will find visible and invisible signs of water damage and let you know your options.

Water damage comes in many shapes and sizes. Sure, if you basement recently became undistinguishable from your swimming pool, after the last monsoon, you have a problem. What about that small sagging part of drywall in the bathroom? What about that wrinkled floorboard next you your hot water heater?

No, that’s not normal wear and tear…you’ve probably got some water damage! The worst part is that this has likely been going on for some time and you never really noticed. This seemingly insignificant water damage can lead to bigger problems, like structural damage or even mold.

Don’t count on the lack of humidity in Arizona to take care of this for you! It’s time to call a professional. Just give us a call and we can tell you if it’s something to worry about or not. Chances are, your insurance company will even cover the cost of fixing the issue.

Our restoration company in AZ will frequently find mold in cases when water leaks have not been fully dried out within a few days. Whatever we find, we will let you know your options.

Our restoration company in AZ will occasionally find huge areas covered by mold. With small dripping leaks that can go for months or longer without being noticed, that can result in massive mold growth that go can undetected for years and cause health issues that will be a mystery to everyone in the household.

Mold Damage

If you can see a bit of mold, like is showing on the left, that means water leaked in to an area that was never properly dried out. In some cases, once we start testing for additional mold, we find big hidden areas covered with mold (liked along dry wall that has been covered by cabinets or other things that shield the moisture from air and trapped the moisture in to allow for mold).

Mold is another type of home damage that can sneak up on you, and no, you don’t have live in a swamp to get mold. Sometimes it will rear its ugly head in the corners of your shower, or in a cabinet where a faucet has been dripping.

Mold can cause several health related issues, and is generally dangerous to have in your house. Because mold can grow slowly, you may not notice a sudden onset of your medical symptoms so you would never think that mold might be the issue.

To find out if you have a problem with mold or water damage, call our restoration company in AZ today. Canyon State Restoration will guide you through the options and answer your questions, including about insurance coverage and claims.

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